History 4330, Modern German History

Paper Assignment 2

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Reading: Frederick the Great

Reading: The German General Staff System

Paper Assignment: Buddenbrooks

Goethe: The Sorrows of Young Werther

Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto

Documents of German Unification, 1848-1871

A War Correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870

Otto von Bismarck, Memoirs

Maurice Leudet: A Day with Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1898

von Clausewitz, On War, Book One, Chapter One

von Clausewitz, On War, Book One, Chapter Seven

The Army Intervenes in the Crisis: von Moltke to von Bethmann Hollweg

Bulletins from the Front I (1914)

Bulletins from the Front II (1918)

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare (December 22, 1916)

“We Germans Fear God and Nothing Else in the World!”

Erich Ludendorff Admits Defeat

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Hunger: Ernst Gläser, Born in 1902 (1928)

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The Treaty of Versailles

Reich Concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich

Declaration of the Second Confessing Synod of the German Protestant Church

Papal Encyclical on the Situation of the Catholic Church in the German Reich

Excerpt from Bishop von Galen’s Sermon

Heinrich Himmler on Christianity and Religion

Heinrich Boell

History 1112

Syllabus for History 1112-02

Syllabus for History 1112-03

Syllabus for History 1112-05

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History 2111

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Syllabus for 2111-01 (Monday and Wednesday, 11:00 AM-12:15 PM

Syllabus for 2111-02 (Monday and Wednesday, 3:30-4:45 PM

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History 2112

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History 2112-05  (Not offered Fall 2013)



History 3480, Nineteenth Century Europe 

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Paper assignment on Dickens's Hard Times



History 3050, The Mediterranean World (Not offered Fall 2013)



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The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

The Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi (alternate site)

The Book of the Dead: The Negative Confession


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Instructions for third paper

Lecture on the Persians

Instructions for fourth paper

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Documents to read for ninth paper

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History 3490, 20th Century Europe


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Vera Brittain paper assignment

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Diet Eman paper assignment

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History 4290, Modern Russian History


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History 399B2, World War I in Film and Literature (Not offered Fall 2012)




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Rudyard Kipling (select link "Some Poems")

Rupert Brooke: Poems from 1914

Topic for first paper

Topic for second paper

Poems by Wilfred Owen

Poems by Siegfried Sassoon

"Does it Matter?"


Poem by Alan Seeger

History 3750, Civil War and Reconstruction



Paper assignment

Mid-term Exam Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide

Tips for Proper English

The Background

A chart of American constitutional government

The Civil War Constitution

A chart of basic Civil War army organization

Animated battle maps

Topographical map of Eastern Seaboard

A legal view of slavery: State v. Mann, 1829

The Southern reaction to the Compromise of 1850: The Georgia Platform

John Brown's last speech

A comparison of the Dred Scott case and Roe v. Wade

The presidential election of 1860

Military Overview and Opening Phases

First Manassas/Bull Run, July 1861--animated map

The Anaconda Plan

Map of Eastern Theater

Map of Western Theater

The Mississippi Valley: The western rivers

Grant's 1862 Campaign--invading the Confederate heartland


The Confederate Captains

Quotations on Robert E. Lee

Lee's views on slavery (Compare his opinion on the "painful discipline" of slavery with that of Judge Ruffin in State v. Mann. Which is the more accurate view?)

"The Answer He was Born to Make"--a chapter from Douglas Southall Freeman's biography of Robert E. Lee

Wikipedia article on Stonewall Jackson

Quotations of Stonewall Jackson


The Peninsula Campaign, 1862

The Eastern Theater, 1862

Antietam-Sharpsburg, September 1862


The Union Captains

Ulysses S. Grant biography

Descriptions of Grant:

by his adjutant

by General Simon Bolivar Buckner, CSA, who surrendered to him at Fort Donelson

by General James Longstreet, CSA, one of Lee's corps commanders

William T. Sherman biography

"Grant stood by me when I was crazy and I stood by him when he was drunk and now we stand by each other always."--William T. Sherman

The Vicksburg Campaign, 1863

The Gettysburg Address


William T. Sherman's letter to the Mayor and City Council of Atlanta


Freeman's account of the surrender

Grant's account of the surrender

Porter's account of the surrender

Lee's farewell address to the Army of Northern Virginia

Two views on Reconstruction and the end of the war

Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, March 1865

Edmund Ruffin's final diary entry, June 1865



History 399B6, World War II (Not offered Fall 2012)

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Oral presentation schedule

Conference schedule

Paper Topic



European Theater Quiz Map--Use this map to prepare for your map quiz. The features surrounded by heavy black squares will be the ones you are tested on. Before printing a hard copy, switch to landscape mode.

Pacific Theater Quiz Map--Use this map to prepare for your map quiz. The features surrounded by heavy black squares will be the ones you are tested on. Before printing a hard copy, switch to landscape mode.

European Theater Complete Map--for general reference.

Pacific Theater Complete Map--for general reference.

Animated Battle Maps:


The Pacific

War Plan Orange, Island Hopping, and Amphibious Warfare

Japanese strategy and objectives in the Pacific, 1941

Brief Outline of the United States in World War II

The Pacific Theater: Allied Command Structure

Geostrategy: The Heartland and Rimland Theories

Heartland Theory Map (included in previous link; for classroom display here)

The Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1945

Allied Shipping Losses, December 1941-July 1942--Note that most losses are near the American coastlines.

Allied Shipping Losses, August 1942-May 1943--Note that most losses have shifted back to the mid-Atlantic.



History 399B8, Nazi Germany (Not offered Spring 2012)

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History 1111

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History 3000




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History 1006

Perspectives on America at War

Critical thinking assignment

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Oral History Project Instructions

Interview release forms

World War II

The Dictators:





The perfect Aryan male

The perfect Aryan female

Nazi expansion in the 1930s: Hitler's bloodless conquests

The Maginot Line

Main map, World War II Europe

Main map, World War II, Pacific

Battle maps, World War II, Europe

Battle maps, World War II, Pacific

The Pearl Harbor Raid

The Pearl Harbor Raid: FDR speaks to Congress

The Doolittle Raid, April 1942

The Atomic Bomb

Trumans' Announcement of the Atomic Bomb

The Japanese Surrender, 2 September 1945

The surrender in color

The U.S. at War

American industrial might: "Murderers' Row"

Rosie the Riveter

A Real-life "Rosie"

Another Real-life "Rosie"

The Diplomacy of World War II

Churchill and Roosevelt at Casablanca, 1943

The Big Three at Tehran, 1943

The Big Three at Yalta, 1945

The Big Three at Potsdam, 1945

Yalta and Potsdam: The Alied occupation zones of Germany